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The Adhyayana International Public School - TAIPS, Coimbatore is a Co-education School following international standards offering CBSE Curriculum for syllabus. The School Spreads over 4 acres, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, follows a ‘Holistic Approach’ life and a passionate love for learning. Education with a holistic perspective is concerned with the development of every person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. TAIPS allows students to engage in the teaching / learning process and encourages personal and collective responsibility. The faculty comprises experienced teachers with excellent track record across our country. The focus is on grooming the students as responsible and global citizens, while retaining the ethical values and shaping them as a better

The Adhyayana
The Adhyayana

Meaning of Adhyayana

Adhyayana in Sanskrit means learning or studying. The distinctiveness of this word is that it even goes further and explains what learning exactly means. The word adhyayana is constituted of three components: Adhi + i + ana.

'Adhi' means above, over, beyond etc. The next component 'i' is a root-sound, which means 'to go'. The third component 'ana' is a nominal suffix, which turns a verbal root into a verbal noun. So, the word adhyayana means, 'going above or beyond'. Therefore, adhyanana or learning in its true sense means: to go beyond all through which knowledge is acquired and enter into a realm higher than the mind, so that one can come in direct contact with the Light and the Truth. This leads to the attainment of true knowledge.

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What Parents Said About Us

Very Practical educational institution. My Son love... enjoy going to TAIPS... Faculties are very friendly. Thank You to every member of the institution for bringing a wonderful curriculum & a nature environment.
Kiruthika Adhavaraj .
Great place for education, my kids are enjoying.
Staffs are very friendly.
Good work, keep it up!!!!!!!!
Ruthra Kotti.