Admissions Criteria

The Adhyayana International Public School recognizes that choosing a school is a two-way process: the parents and the child must be convinced that the educational program is the most suitable; the school must be assured that it can offer what is expected. In order to ensure that this is the case, there will be a three-level admission process.

  • An initial screening of the application based on references that indicate that the applicant has tried to make full use of his or her previous education.
  • An admissions test.
  • An interview to determine whether the student has sufficient ability and drive to gain from the Adhyayana experience.
  • All applicants will be invited to the School and encouraged to meet relevant members of the faculty and administration individually.

    The Adhyayana international Public School will welcome students who can demonstrate merit or potential for merit, as well as those who will work hard, show commitment to their studies, try their best and contribute to the school through active participation in a range of activities. Students will also be welcomed if they can show a good understanding for their age of personal responsibility. If the student is admitted, his/her test results will also allow the staff to make an initial assessment of general level of academic ability.

    Admission Tests

    The entrance tests will not seek primarily to examine prior knowledge of facts. Facts are of course important but of no less importance are understanding, critical thinking, and general aptitude. The tests will cover a wide range of disciplines including English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities, but they will focus also on general reasoning and critical thinking.

    The Admissions Interview

    The interview is designed to allow the student to introduce themselves to the panel, to discuss their application form, and to present some aspect of their life of which they are proud or which is of greatest interest to them.

    Applications are now open and forms are available on our website and at the school.

    Schedule of Fees

    Admission Fee Rs. 25,000/- will be payable at the time of admission. Term Fee will be payable in three terms.

    Annual Fee for the Academic Year 2018-2019 (Term Wise)
    KG Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 - 5 Grade 6 - 8
    Term Fee Rs. 12,000 x 3 Rs. 13,000 x 3 Rs. 14,000 x 3 Rs. 15,000 x 3 Rs. 16,000 x 3
    Other Fee* Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 11,000/- Rs. 11,500/- Rs. 12,000/-
    Transportation As applicable As applicable As applicable As applicable As applicable

    *Other fee includes cost of notebooks, books, field trips and other curricular expenses

    For further information about admissions or general information about the school please contact:

    Ms. Sowmiya
    Mobile: + 91 (0) 96885 - 21000

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