Mission and its Four fold Disciplines

The Adhyayana strives at providing its students with a world class 'Holistic Education' by nurturing self confidence, self-discipline, lateral thinking, reasoning ability, ethics and moral values, which will inculcate in them an enduring love of knowledge, a passion for learning and a sense of self-empowerment.

The Adhyayana and its Four-Fold Discipline

  • Tapasya of Love
  • Tapasya of Knowledge
  • Tapasya of Power
  • Tapasya of Beauty

The Tapasya of Love, in its essence, the Joy of identity; it finds its ultimate expression in the bliss of union. Love is composed of two movements, two complementary poles of the urge towards complete oneness. On the one hand there is the supreme power of attraction and on the other need for absolute self-giving.

The Tapasya of Knowledge helps one to decide the path to be taken, choose the action to be accomplished and free oneself from all blind determinism, so that nothing is allowed to intervene in the course of one's life but the highest will, the truest knowledge, the supra-mental consciousness.

The Tapasya of Power and Beauty will lead us, through austerity in physical life, to freedom in action. Its basic intention will be to build a body that is beautiful in form, harmonious in posture, supple and agile in its movements, powerful in its activities and robust in its health and organic functioning.

The School

We Learn, not for the school, but for the Life -Seneca the younger